Types of Services Provided by a Land Surveyor


You may have heard the term land surveyor even if you are not very sure about the scope of service they provide. They indeed provide a wide variety of services for different phases of projects. There are different methods that are used by the surveyors depending on the purpose of the work.

Some of the methods through which land surveying is performed are manned ground travel, aerial vehicles that are unmanned or manned. Manned ground travel is the method that is used most commonly. This is sufficient when you are surveying only a small area of land. This is an industry that has prevailed for a long time and it is crucial for the beginning of a construction project even before design starts. The land surveyors Melbourne will make sure that the land is surveyed before any design is done so that the boundaries of the land can be identified and marked. They will also identify any issues whether it is major or minor with the site and carry out environmental studies. There are many equipment and tools that assist land surveyors in their job allowing them to map the terrain. There is some time involved in the marking of boundaries of a site.

There are also different types of surveying that will be required for a construction project. These will occur before the design of the project is initiated, during the design phase of the project and construction. There will be surveys done after the construction phase as well for maintenance purposes. You need to understand the scope of the project and the requirements of the different professionals that are involved in it when you request different types of surveying. Before the design, the information gleaned by the survey will give an idea of how the building is oriented and how different terrain levels can be used. During construction, you can add to the safety of the site with surveys and you will be able to get an idea of the progress of the project. There may be certain problems that may have gone missed and could be identified after the completion of the project. This will give you an idea of the repairs that are required. Some examples of survey types are aerial mapping, wetland surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, building surveys, façade surveys etc. 

A common survey is a property boundary survey. This is used when boundaries are to be marked for a plot of land or when there is an amendment for the title. They will also provide feasibility studies to give an idea of what kind of a project can take place or whether the potential project can be done at the site. Land surveyors will deal with certain authorities as well and they will be able to provide court representation with regard to defining land boundaries and in matters of conveyancing. Information about land is constantly updated by the surveyors so that the land valuation is assessed and updated over time and land usage is defined.